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28th-29th May 2021
Online Conference

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What is Euruko?

Euruko is a Ruby conference organised annually, each year in a different European city chosen by the participants. In 2021 it will be organized online, and in 2022 in Helsinki, Finland.

Euruko 2021 goes to SPACE

In the spring we had decided to move the conference to 2021 as it became increasingly clear that it would be impossible to hold it while the COVID-19 crisis was growing worse in Europe and around the world.

Despite the good news about vaccines, we don’t currently think that it will be realistically possible to hold a large, in-person event in May of 2021. Because of this, we’ve decided to move the Euruko 2021 conference online.

Ticket-holders will get various perks, including at least the following:

  • A goodie bag mailed to them where-ever they are in the world
  • Access to interactive conference features
  • Access to a Euruko Discord server
  • Access to a private Euruko Minecraft server
  • A 20% discount to the 2022 conference

We’re also planning on increasing access to the conference by offering a free stream of the conference to anyone in the world through YouTube or Twitch, without the interactive features that paying ticket holders will receive.

Access to the online features will become available closer to the event dates and goodie bags will ship in May.


The call for proposals is now open for both full sessions and lightning talks. It will remain open until April 18th.

All accepted speakers will get full access to the conference, including having the goodie bag shipped to them. If you already have a ticket to the conference, we will refund you (or you can re-assign the ticket to a friend or colleague).

If you need any equipment to deliver your talk (e.g. a webcam, lighting, or a microphone), we’ll buy it for you (within reason). Lightning talks excluded.


We’re looking for volunteers to act as moderators on the Euruko Discord server and the Euruko Minecraft server. We’re also looking for guides/mentors for people for whom Euruko will be their first tech conference.

All accepted volunteers will get full access to the conference, including having the goodie bag shipped to them.

Scholarships/Diversity tickets

As part of creating an accessible and diverse conference experience, Euruko 2021 is inviting members of underrepresented groups (women, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, and so forth) to apply for free tickets to Euruko 2021.

The tickets can be either digital only tickets or tickets that that include having a “goodie bag” shipped to the recipient. In either case the recipient gets full access to all conference resources (the conference platform, Discord, the Minecraft server etc). We can only offer a limited number of goodie bags…

Please fill in the application form if you believe you may be eligible. The deadline for applications is the .


Helsinki, baby! Since Euruko Helsinki hasn’t happened, we’re still aiming to have an in-person conference in Helsinki in 2022.


Yukihiro Matsumoto
Linda Liukas
Milja Köpsi

Euruko ticket benefits

Livestreaming and conference platform
Livestreaming and conference platform

Access to an interactive conference platform with speaker Q&As and more…


Access to a Euruko Discord server where you can talk with fellow attendees, speakers, and sponsors.


Access to a private Minecraft server with your fellow attendees. Griefing strictly forbidden! MINASWAN all the way.

Goodie bag

A Euruko goodie bag shipped to you, wherever you are in the world (as long as our fulfillment partner delivers to your country). We're still finalising the exact contents of the goodie bag.


Kisko Labs
Kaiku Health


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Additional info

Goodie bag shipping is only possible to countries where our fulfillment partner, Printful, can deliver. Shipping might be slow to some parts of the world due to COVID-19.