Sponsor Euruko 2021

What is Euruko?

Euruko is a Ruby conference organised annually, each year in a different European city chosen by the participants. In 2021 it travels to Helsinki, Finland.

Keep Euruko affordable

Sponsoring Euruko gets you the opportunity to reach an international group of talented and passionate developers. Euruko is the biggest Ruby conference in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.

There’s a long tradition to keep Euruko tickets as affordable as possible to offer everyone the opportunity to attend and sponsors are an essential part of this.

Facts about Euruko

  • 750 participants from Europe and elsewhere
  • A two day, single track conference
  • Well established in the community; it has been held since 2003 in Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Karlsruhe, Krakow, Munich, Prague, Rotterdam, Salzburg, Sofia, and Vienna
  • Helsinki will be the most northern Euruko ever
  • Some of the very best speakers from the Ruby community
  • All talks will be recorded and published afterwards
  • Professional photography of the event

Sponsorship packages

Sapphire Topaz Emerald Ruby
Price (excl. VAT) €2,000 €5,000 €8,000 €12,000
Total number available 8 4 2
Included tickets¹ 1 2 4 6
Exhibit Space² 1 table 1.5×1.5m 1.5×3m
Roll-up banner near the main stage³
Goodie bag inserts 1 (small) 2 (small - medium) 3 (small - large)
Dedicated slide during conference breaks +€1000
Company logo on the screens before the talks before every presentation
Logo on home page
Company description on home page
Link included in the footer of all conference emails
Twitter promotion (from @euruko) shared tweet shared tweet 1 dedicated tweet 3 dedicated tweets
Facebook promotion shared post shared post 1 dedicated post 3 dedicated posts
Logo on the Facebook page
Job ads on the conference website +€1000 (1 job, 200 characters) 1 job, 200 characters 3 jobs, 200 characters 5 jobs, 600 characters
Logo on sponsors slide in post-conference videos of the talks
Logo included in the footer of all conference emails

¹ If you don’t need the tickets included in your sponsorship package, you can choose to let us distribute them via Diversity Tickets.

² Higher sponsorship levels get premium placement for their exhibit space. Location assignments will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be made solely at the discretion of the Euruko 2021 organisers. All exhibit space furnishing and signage (aside from basic tables) must be provided by the sponsor. Displays or monitors may be provided by the event venue (if available), but the costs for these must be paid by the sponsor.

³ Roll-ups to be supplied by the sponsor

Other opportunities available

If none of the packages appeal to you, we have a few other sponsorship opportunities available:

  • Diversity tickets: Help members of underrepresented groups get to Euruko. You can choose to pay either for full “scholarships” (ticket + travel + accommodation) or for just admission to the conference.
  • Livestream/video recording: Extend your reach beyond the physical conference
  • Lunch: Offer our attendees a tasty lunch, and they’ll be sure to remember you
  • Party: Offer our attendees a fun, relaxing time after the first day and make it a night to remember
  • Something else? Do you have a fun idea? Let us know and we’ll see what we can work out…

Contact us

Email [email protected] to inquire about sponsorships.