Top Ruby Conferences to Attend in 2023: A Guide for Developers and Enthusiasts

Previously, applications in Ruby were not distinguished by high execution speed, but projects in this language appeared by the hundreds. Now the creators of the language have worked on the bugs, and its future has become much brighter. Let’s figure out where you can attend ruby conferences 2023.

Ruby: what is this programming language about, and how is it used?

We encounter the results of programming literally every day. Smartphones, computers, cars, and even the simplest microwave oven are these results. Programming languages allow your accessories to perform both the simplest tasks and complex processes. Therefore, it will not hurt you to learn more about them!

Software development is not an easy task. During his career, a programmer faces a wide variety of problems and tasks. In order to learn how to solve them effectively, it is necessary to develop a special mindset. Many people around the world are convinced of the advantage of having programming skills. Working with code trains the mind, which positively affects creativity and the ability to think logically.

Ruby is a high-level interpreted language for fast and convenient object-oriented programming. The semantics of the Ruby language is the semantics of a fully object-oriented language. In other words:

  • all data are objects;
  • each function is a method;
  • Ruby variables do not contain objects themselves but reference to them;
  • providing a value means copying a reference to the object.

Many programming patterns are implemented directly in the Ruby language, so, for example, “singleton” can be implemented by adding the necessary methods to one specific object and can load extensions dynamically if they are allowed by the operating system. But most often, the server side of sites and web programs is written in Ruby using the Ruby on Rails framework. It is used by backends and full-stack developers. This is not the only, albeit popular, application.

Among the main advantages of Ruby language are the following:

  • versatility;
  • low-level memory work;
  • development of rendering systems for games;
  • high productivity;
  • a large set of libraries;
  • is used in Lucent in their 3G wireless phone product.

What are the top ruby conferences to attend in 2023?

The popularity of a particular programming language directly depends on the field where it is used. That is why some languages are gaining popularity; some are declining. Before you make a choice, answer the main question: where are you going to use the programming language? IT professionals need a deep understanding of end-to-end product development, networking, and cybersecurity fundamentals. Employers can teach you otherwise, but only if the candidate knows the basics.

Take a look at the next upcoming conferences to attend in 2023:

  1. Apr 24, 2023 – Apr 26, 2023. RailsConf 2023.
  2. May 11, 2023 – May 13, 2023. RubyKaigi 2023.
  3. Jun 10, 2023 – Jun 11, 2023. Ruby Unconf 2023.
  4. Sep 27, 2023 – Sep 28, 2023. Friendly.rb 2023.
  5. Oct 06, 2023 – Oct 07, 2023. RubyConfTH 2023.

In most cases, developers use Ruby on Rails, a framework written in Ruby. It is most often used to create web applications; less often, it is scripted for automation, site parsing, and system utilities. Twitter, Airbnb, GitHub, SoundCloud, and Bloomberg were created on Ruby on Rails. Therefore, Rails offers conventions for handling routing, stateful data, asset management, and more – it provides the core functionality that most web applications need.